Make the transition from SMB Email platforms easier

Small businesses are faced with a confusing market when they outgrow their SMB-ESP.  RPEConnect makes that move simpler with a Enterprise Class Platform without the large capital investment. 

Why do this all alone?

Besides an Enterprise Class infrastructure for all volumes, we can help out any business or agencies with self, collaborative or full service models.

Marketing Automation

How about moving to more complex and data driven messages based on multiple actions?  Our platform takes you far beyond the linear and simplistic capabilities!

Data Management

Marketers just want access to the data!  Our team can integrate RPEConnect to any system so that your marketing group can work effectively. 

Agency Services

Not only do we assist businesses from moving off of archaic platforms, but we assist large and small agencies by enabling white labled messaging campaigns for their clients.

Analyze Campaign Data

Real-time reporting allow users to see where their customers have clicked, when they viewed their email, and the best ways to target them in real time. RPEConnect has six layers of reporting, giving visibility to trends and changes to continually improve campaigns.

Build a Stronger Relationship with Your Customers

RPEConnect offers dynamic personalization and drag and drop segmentation ensuring our clients target their customers with relevant content to enhance the customer experience. We can also work on your strategy to ensure that what you’re deploying lands in the inbox, and resonates with the end-user.

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